Using parentheses in my expressions

I’m having a hard time getting group mappings to work. They bring in users that are not at the Prep Cook VB location. I have tried the following;

Employment.EmployeeStatusCode==‘A’&&( Location.Description==‘Prep Cook VB’&&OrgLevel3.Description==‘Production Supervision’|| Location.Description==‘Prep Cook VB’&&OrgLevel3.Description==‘Operations Admin’)
Employment.EmployeeStatusCode==‘A’&& Location.Description==“Prep Cook VB”&&(OrgLevel3.Description==‘Production Supervision’||OrgLevel3.Description==‘Operations Admin’)

Any help would be appreciated.

I think the placement of the parentheses are critical in this expression and should be placed as below:

Employment.EmployeeStatusCode==‘A’ && ((Location.Description==‘Prep Cook VB’ && OrgLevel3.Description == ‘Production Supervision’) || (Location.Description==‘Prep Cook VB’ && OrgLevel3.Description==‘Operations Admin’))

However, I also think the entire thing can be simplified with this:

Employment.EmployeeStatusCode == ‘A’ && Location.Description == ‘Prep Cook VB’ && OrgLevel3.Description.OneOf(‘Production Supervision,Operations Admin’)

Also, I think you should be using codes rather than descriptions, as HR can easily change a description (and break your condition) but will never change the code.