Updating attributes to blank

I created a mapping that references 2 different fields (across 2 different objects).

City: Location.City + ’ / ’ + Person.AddressCity

I’m expecting City to be updated to Miami / Fort Lauderdale, but it keeps updating the City value to blank in AD.

I checked the employee record and it has values for both of those fields.

This may be happening because one of the values in the expression is resulting in NULL, therefore the expression result is NULL.

There could be 2 possible reasons why one of the values is NULL:

  1. The actual value of the field in UKG Pro is NULL, therefore the field result is NULL

  2. Connect to AD does not have the required permissions to read the field from UKG Pro API. When it tries to read the value, it cannot, therefore the field result is NULL.

Please make sure that Connect to AD has the required permission to read from the specified object (API).

You can check if Connect to AD has permission to read specific objects by opening the Admin tool, go to the UKG Pro Connection section, and then selecting the button to check the connection.

check UKG Pro connection