Update their UPN and email address through UKG

How can we set a mapping for UPN to match to their UKG work email address? We want the user to be able to update their UPN and email address through UKG with the work email address field.

The UPN mapping only works when provisioning a new user account. It can not be changed based on updates in UKG. You would have to do it manually in AD.

You have some control over the UPN value when you set up the Identity rule. The rule allows you to set the naming conventions to try when it creates the account.

You could modify this rule to use the email address rather than employees FirstName and LastName, something like this (but it would create issues when there is a duplicate email address):

However, if they later change their email address in UKG, it can not change the UPN is AD. This would need to be done manually.

I also want to add that in most use cases the changing of a users email address is an IT function, not typically an HR function and its often done directly in AD.

We do offer a feature that allows updated AD email addresses to be sent back to UKG, so that any email address that is updated in AD, automatically reflects on the employees record in UKG.

You can learn ore about is feature here: Sending Email to UKG Pro – Connect to AD

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