UKG Username - AD Source of Truth

I was wondering if it was on the roadmap to add the ability update the username in UKG using Active Directory as the source of truth?
This is similar to the process that is used for primary and alternate emails.
Would be helpful from an off-boarding perspective as we could dynamically change the user email when terminated to their alternate email.

UKG doesn’t have a direct API that allows us to update the employee’s user-name.

However, they do have a setting that allows the user-name to be updated based on rules that you setup within UKG.

For example - if you are using email address as the username, you can set a SSO Provisioning rule that states that when an employee’s email address is updated (possibly via Connect to AD), then the SSO user-name is also updated.

I hope this helps and you should speak with UKG support for more information about setting up SSO Provisioning rules.

This article provides some guidance but I still think you should ask to speak with an SSO export at UKG.