Remove leading zero's from the employee number

I would like to remove all leading zeros from the employee number.

00123456 = 123456

Please make sure that its only the leading zeros and not other zeros that exists in the employee number.

00102030 = 102030

This is what I used:
Employment.EmployeeNumber.TrimStart(new Char[] { ‘0’ } )

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Hi. What will be the logic for removing N amount of chars from the left? I can’t find documentation in how to use TrimStart or if there’s a TrimLeft method.

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Use Substring.

The C# Substring method extracts a fragment of a string based on character positions. We specify a start and length (both ints) to describe this fragment.



I want the to see 123456 (I don’t want to first 2 characters)


This article gives great examples: