Move secondary email to primary in UKG on termination

Is it possible to remove the company email from UKG primary email address on termination, and replace it with whatever is in the secondary field?

We had a situation where a company email was reused after an account had been deleted for a bit. The new user was able to SSO into UKG due to the email match, but it was not the correct UKG account since the old employee still had their company email in their primary field.


I’m sorry for the very late response on this but I’ve been trying to see if there was any way that we can achieve this requirement and unfortunately even with the email mapping write back feature we offer I can’t see a way to achieve this with our product alone (an additional script would be required).

The email mapping can be setup to send the AD email back to UKG, but the email stored in AD most likely will be their company email address.

If there was a way that you can change the AD attribute to their personal email when they are terminated, then yes our product could then write the personal email back to UKG.

You would have to have a background script that looks for disabled accounts in AD and then updates the email address to their personal email address when an account is disabled in AD. The personal email could be staged in another AD attribute.

I hope this sheds some light on how to achieve this requirement.

I know how you can achieve this.

You need to sync the personal email to an AD custom attribute, then you can write it back to UKG.

example: from UKG sync the personal email to “extensionAttribute15” then when you need, sync that AD attribute back to UKG on termination.