Keep new users disabled until moved out of OU

I’d like to create new users in a specific OU and have them set as disabled until I move them into their permanant OU. Then after being in permanant OU, the normal “enable account” rules would apply and enable/disable the account as specified.

My idea was to create two different environments that only see a specific OU, but I’m concerned that when a new user is moved out of the “provision” OU, that will result in an additional user being created since the environment wouldn’t see the other OU where it lives now.

Is there a proper way to do this?

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I don’t believe that it will work as your “provision” environment will create all users that do not exist in it, including all the other users that exist in the “permanent” environment.

The system will look for any users in UKG Pro, that doesn’t exists in the target OU and if they are not in the OU, it will attempt to create them.