Is it possible to automate deprovisioning but not provisioning

We want to use Connect to AD to only manage the deprovisioning process, but not the provisioning process.

Is there a way to setup so that when an employee is terminated in UKG, they are disabled and moved to a specific org-unit?

Yes, Connect to AD can handle deprovisioning without doing any provisioning.

Here is an example of the required setup.

Step 1

Switch off the Provision rule as we will not be doing any provisioning.

Step 2

Set the Enable Account mapping using the default expression:

Employment.EmployeeStatusCode == 'A'

This is what is going to handle the disabling of the AD user account when the user is no longer Active in UKG.

Optional Step 3

Set the Container mapping using a conditional expression, so that if the user is Terminated in UKG, move them to a specific org-unit.

Optional Step 4

Set the Account Expires mapping using the default expression:


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