Invalid employee number when we add a prefix

We store all of our employee numbers in AD with a prefix of E-insert employee number.


We have a mapping for Employee Number that states ‘E’ + ‘-’ + Employment.EmployeeNumber

When Connect to AD sends the value through to AD, it doesn’t do it correctly, it seems to handle the prefix as a HEX value and then adds the HEX value to the employee number to give us a number that is not the employee number.

I need to store it in the E- format and not something else.

Here are the results we are getting that are incorrect:

E-00348912 produces 11400348912
E-00561290 produces 11400348912

We did the same thing and experienced the same issue.

All we did to fix this was change the expression slightly, which worked for us.

Move the - character immediately after the E, this prevents the HEX conversion

'E-' + Employment.EmployeeNumber

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