How to use different user formats for different conditions

When provisioning a new user account sometimes we want to use FirstName.LastName and other times we use FirstName.InitialLastName

The user name page doesn’t allow us to set conditions.

Is there still a way to do this using an expression?


WHEN user is in company ABC THEN use FirstName.LastName

WHEN user is in company XYZ THEN use FirstName.InitialLastName


This can be achieved by creating an C# ternary expression that checks for a condition, if the condition is true, use a specific value, if the condition is false, use a different value.

(Employment.CompanyCode.OneOf(“ABC”)) ? Person.PreferredName + ‘.’ + Person.LastName : Person.PreferredName + ‘.’ + Person.InitialLastName

It checks if company code is ABC


If it is ABC, then it uses

Person.PreferredName + ‘.’ + Person.LastName

If it si NOT ABC, then it uses

Person.PreferredName + ‘.’ + Person.InitialLastName

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