Get the first word after a specific characters (from org level)

I have these org level values:

80 - Operations

90 - Special Assets

27 - NYC Branch

27 - Miami Operations Branch

I want an expression that only uses the first word after the hyphen - character (return the bold value as described above)

Here is the expression you can use to return the first word after the - character.

It’s not pretty because it’s a mix of a regex and a C# string function, but it gets you what you need.

Regex.Replace(OrgLevel1.Description.Substring(OrgLevel1.Description.IndexOf(’-’)+1).Trim().Split()[0], @"[^0-9a-zA-Z\ ]+", “”)

  1. We locate the - character using a C# string function
  2. Then we return the first word after the - character using regex

Please keep in mind that we use C# to evaluate our expressions, so any C# expression can be used if you need to modify it.

Here is a expression that will get you the first 2 words of a string (after a specific character)

It’s not a regex, it uses C# LINQ

String.Join(" ", OrgLevel1.Description.Substring(OrgLevel1.Description.IndexOf('-')+1).Trim().Split(' ').Take(2))