Existing Users - Full Name and Display Name


I know that during provisioning it creates the Full Name and Display Name

but how would I get it so if existing user, the Full Name field and Display Name in AD to be ignore during the next sync time.

This in scenario will be that a user name is Tri Duong once. UKG sync to AD

we can manually update Full Name and Display Name to: Tim Duong and at the next sync. it wont overwrite that manual change?

You can use the IsInsert constant to perform the update when the user is created/inserted, and then ignore the mapping for all other syncs

Here is an example for the Display Name mapping, which you can reuse on the First Name and Last Name mappings.

Please note that we use a conditional expression here…

Condition 1
Person.PreferredName + ’ ’ + Person.LastName

Condition 2

thank you! that actually make sense on logic.

IsInsert will be when it sync. Default = Ignore will be future sync.

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