Error during upgrade install - DeleteFile failed; code 5

Whilst installing a newer version of Connect to AD, I received the following error:

DeleteFile failed; code 5.

It seems to be conflicting with the file CLI.exe

install error

The installation can not be performed correctly while there are files in use (used by the running tasks).

You will need to end the running tasks manually and then click “Try again” or restart the installation.

Here are the steps you need to perform to end the running tasks:

  1. Open Windows Task Scheduler (click Start menu, type Task Scheduler).
  2. Open the Connect to AD folder (this is where all Connect to AD tasks are stored)
  3. Find all the tasks that are currently running
  4. Right-click the running task and select End (this will end the running task)

Make sure that none of the tasks are in a Running state.

You can now try to continue with the installation or restart it.