Conditional rule for newly disabled/terminated user

I have a specific need to add only newly disabled users to a group,
The catch is that I would like only disabled users from a specific date forward,

ie only put in the group if they were disabled from 5/13/2023 and on

Any ideas?

A few things you can try are …

  1. Using a group mapping, you could try using the IsDisable constant. This constant will be true if the users account was enabled and set to Disabled.

For more information read this article: IsDisable Constant – Connect to AD

  1. Using a group mapping, if all the disabled users are in a specific org-unit, then you could create a conditional expression that evaluates their org-unit, and if they are in the specific org-unit, then add then to the group as shown below.

User.Container == “‘OU=Disabled Users’” && Employment.DateOfTermination > new DateTime(2023, 5, 13)