Every user synced is updated every sync

I’ve been testing for a couple weeks and have gradually expanded the sync scope. But something that stays consistent is that every user synced is updated every sync. The attributes that are always updates are the “Manager” which repeatedly tries to apply the change to manager even though its the same. The second one is the “Info” attribute which is set to apply a timestamp every time there is an update applied (which is obvious why that keeps happening).

How do I get the manager field to stop repeatedly applying a “change” that isn’t a change? The Automatic manager mapping is the biggest reason we were choosing this software, and so I will not turn that off.

The Manager attribute should not change unless the manager has changed in UKG.

Our dev team has identified this as an issue and will resolve this issue in our next release (due June 22)

Version has been released and resolves this issue.

A user record will only be updated if there is a qualifying change on the UKG employee record